Science/Laboratory of Quantum Information Technologies

Laboratory of Quantum Information Technologies

The Laboratory of Quantum Information Technologies was created for the development of quantum technologies (primarily optical) for the tasks of quantum computing and quantum communications at the Faculty of Radiophysics of Tomsk State University. The object of research is optoelectronic and magneto-spin processes in synthetic diamond and silicon-germanium quantum dots (droplets of electron-hole liquid, photoactive impurity-defect centers)

The laboratory conducts research on the state assignment of the Ministry of Education and Science within the framework of the project "Physical foundations of the use of low-dimensional semiconductor structures in quantum information systems". The objectives of the research are:

  1. Study of the processes of formation of two-dimensional islands (quantum dots) of SiGe on the surface of a silicon substrate;
  2. Study of the processes of formation of zero-dimensional optical centers such as NV, SiV, GeV, SnV, etc. in bulk diamond samples and thin diamond films;
  3. Studying the processes of photogeneration, transport, capture/release and recombination of charge carriers in silicon-germanium photodetectors and heterostructures, in quasi-two-dimensional and bulk diamond layers, including under conditions of the existence of electron-hole fermi condensate;
  4. Study of spectral-kinetic characteristics of single- and multiphoton sources based on zero-dimensional centers in diamond and droplets of electron-hole liquid in diamond and SiGe heterostructures;
  5. Adaptation of quantum cryptography and quantum computing algorithms to the resulting quantum component base

Head of the Laboratory:
Yevgenii Lipatov
PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Quantum Electronics and Photonics of Radiophysics Faculty of Tomsk State University

LQIT location:
Tomsk State University, block № 11, rooms 319, 017, 019
Fyodor Lytkin str. 28g, 634045 Tomsk, Russia

Institute of High-Current Electronics SB RAS
Akademicheskii av., 2/3, room 233, Tomsk, Russia