The international non-profit organization Worldskills was founded in 1947. In the post-war world, there was an acute shortage of professional personnel needed to restore the industry, and the Worldskills movement became a kind of answer to it. It advocated raising the standards of professional training and suggested using a competition system for this.

Participants improve their skills by competing in six blocks of professions: construction industry, information and communication technologies, creativity and design, industrial production, services and maintenance of civil transport.



Since 2019, the team of the TSU Quantum Center on the basis of the Faculty of Radiophysics, together with the Russian Quantum Center, has been successfully developing the competence "Quantum Technologies"

Competence "Quantum Technologies" at WorldSkills

Solving the problem of information protection against cyberattacks using a quantum computer also uses quantum particle control technologies. This technology is called "quantum communications" and guarantees absolute security of data transmission at the level of fundamental laws of physics. Its principles allow you to instantly detect the compromise of the distribution of key documents in the communication line, thereby users can be sure that their information will not be obtained by an attacker. This technology is already actively used in critical industries of the modern world and allows you to secure data transmission in the banking sector, keep government information in complete confidentiality, protect personal data, etc.

The introduction of the competence "quantum technologies" is necessary, as it solves the issues of information security, high-speed processing of large amounts of data, ultra-precise measurements of small quantities, modeling of complex heterostructures of various materials and complex molecules, etc.

Quantum technologies are a critically important area of knowledge in which Russia should have its own highly qualified personnel capable of providing leadership on the world stage.

Competitions in this competence include tasks in five modules:

Working with optical fiber: welding and preparation of fiber optic line
Organization of operation of the optical part of quantum receiving and transmitting devices
Calibration of the quantum-optical line and transmission of the quantum key
Measurement of photodetector parameters
Calculations using a quantum computer


Our Achievements

In 2019 , Kristina Khomyakova , a master 's student of the Department of Quantum Electronics and Photonics of the Russian Academy of Sciences , won a gold medal at the III Open Intercollegiate WorldSkills Russia Championship


In 2020 , Ekaterina Yurchenko , a student of the Russian Academy of Sciences , won a bronze medal at the IV Open Intercollegiate WorldSkills Russia Championship

In 2021 , Ekaterina Yurchenko , a student of the Russian Academy of Sciences, won a gold medal at the Third WorldSkills Industry Championship in the field of information technology DigitalSkills 2021


Preparation for the WorldSkills championships in Quantum Technologies. On the basis of the TSU Quantum Center, training programs for the WorldSkills championships in Quantum Technologies are regularly implemented. You can find out more in the tab Advance Training, as well as by e-mail