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The Gold Medal at Digital Skills 2021

Digital Skills 2021: A student of the TSU Faculty of Radiophysics and an employee of the TSU Quantum Center received a gold medal in the competence "Quantum Technologies"

On September 21-24, 2021, the III Industry Championship on WordSkilLs standards in the field of information technologies DigitalSkills 2021 was held in the Republic of Tatarstan on the basis of the Kazan Expo IEC. The championship is held in support of the federal project "Personnel for the digital Economy" of the national program "Digital Economy".

For three days, the teams developed projects on 35 competencies in the field of information and digital technologies. Traditionally, a significant part of the competencies of the championship were the competencies of FutureSkills. These include competencies based on new technologies and cross-competencies that arise during the transformation of traditional industries under the influence of digital technologies.

The championship was attended by 289 students and employees of digital economy companies from 29 regions of Russia. This year Tomsk State University is in the competence of "Quantum technologies" was presented by Ekaterina Yurchenko, a student of the Radiophysics Faculty. (Coaches and mentors - Maslova Yu.V. Kashirsky D.E., Khomyakova K.I., Torgaev S.N.)

In this competence, participants had to demonstrate the skills of setting up a quantum communication channel, solving problems using quantum algorithms on the IBM Experience platform and assembling optical circuits.

According to the results of three intense competitive days, Ekaterina became the best of six participants, among whom were representatives of Rosatom State Corporation, MEPhI, Southern Federal State University and others, and brought TSU a gold medal.